Networked Publishing: Digital Writing in the Humanities
Sponsored by
Martha B Reynolds Speaker Series
University of Kentucky

With additional support provided by
Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies
The College of Arts & Sciences

10:00-10:15 Welcome

Session 1

Shoshana Berger, Ideo
“If this Talk were Published Online, You Wouldn’t Finish Reading it.”

Jeff Ullrich, former CEO Earwolf
“Podcasting’s Role in Digital Audio’s Past and Future”

Lunch on your own
Student Center food court
Or restaurants along Limestone: Pazzos, Han Woo Ri, Local Taco, Sav’s.

Session 2

Marguerite Avery, former editor at MIT Press
“What is a Publication? Packing and Unpacking Scholarly Publishing in the Digital Age”

Maria Bonn, Editor, Journal of Electronic Publishing
“Scholarly Publishing Today: A Sometimes Tangled Web of Choices”

Douglas Armato, Director, University of Minnesota Press
“The Last Mile Problem and University Presses: Toward Networked Scholarly Publishing”


Saturday Night
Beer Crawl

Please join us at the following Lexington locations where we can continue conversation and enjoy some of our city’s finest offerings.

These times are only approximations. Enjoy your time at Lexington’s craft beer bars and breweries.

Please drive responsibly.

6:00 pm The Beer Trappe
811 Euclid Avenue

7:30 pm West Sixth Brewery
501 West Sixth Street

8:30 pm Blue Stallion Brewery
610 West Third Street

9:30 pm Ethereal Brewing
1224 Manchester Street

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